LED Technology

Led technology

Traditional and Modern LED

There are many advantage of LED. This is an article on what are they and why?

Light Emitting Diode, most commonly known as LED. However, within the industrial, it also has several other names. ‘Solid State Lighting’ and ‘Cold Source Lighting’ are particularly interesting, as it is named after LED’s great properties.


Solid State Lighting

Solid State lighting as the name suggest, the LED is in a solid state rather than a gas state. This is key reason why LED lighting is better than traditional lighting. As traditional lighting contains gas, many of them are harmful to human and other living things. As a result, traditional lighting is always a potential danger in all areas, during production, usage and disposal.  


Production, a lot of hazard gases is concentrate into one production area. These gases will leak out a little no matter what. It can be leak out via air or worse leak out through drainage system. Causing harmful chemical to leak into our water system and our eco system.


Usage, the currently all the manufacturer of traditional lighting uses glass to contain the gas. Therefore, all location using traditional lamps also means there a risk of broken glass as well. Due to production limitation the glass cannot be shutter resistance, further increase the danger. At the same time, should the glass breaks high concentration of chemical will be released. This is especially critical to closed indoor space. Worse case is that the lamp is broken onto an object, where the high concentration of gas will liquefy and contaminate the object as well.


Disposal, this is by far the most important factor. As many countries and region, have not foreseen this. A lot of used lamps are just piled together into a land fill. The chemical within the lamp will slowly but surely leak out into the soil. Which is then pass into sea, this is then affecting the eco system and potentially our drink water system.


Although each traditional lamp only contains a limited amount of chemical, but once it has enter our eco system. The amount will rapidly build up, as there are a lot of lights around the world.